Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's CHOCalicious time Y(^_^)Y

I must admit that I really like desserts. Cakes, to be exact. Kalo tak ingatkan penyakit dan berat badan memang keje nak mkn jek.hehe..Tak dapat makan pun,cuci mata pon jadi la :p

What is your favourite cake???hehe

For me?? numero uno----> Cheesecakes!!!! owh..and Black Forest too..hehe

Chocolate?Okay la but not really a favourite of mine..But then, as long as it is delicious and yummy and ho chiak, I don't mind though.Hehehe :p

Have u tasted this kind of cheesecake that is like butter cake but it's cheese. I prefer that compared to the New York Cheesecake type coz it's not that heavy (in texture,that is). My mom bought it from this bakery at KLCC (if I'm not mistaken la since it was so many years ago) and we like it. It was quite expensive for a slice of it. It's a Japanese cake shop if I'm not mistaken. Mom would buy it when we went there again until we found out that the shop had been closed and we rarely went back to KL (dah jarang balik cmne nak gi KLCC,ye x?) So,one day, Mom found out a recipe from a column in the NST from Betty Yew. Mom tried on the recipe and voila, same jek mcm yang beli tu..hehe..Well, a bit different la coz the ones that we bought was kinda light in texture whereas the one that Mom did was a bit heavier but still lighter in texture compared to the ordinary cheesecakes.

Secret Recipe's cakes are good but I can still remember the cheesecakes from Dave's Deli. When Carrefour Seberang Jaya was opened, there was this one Dave's Deli outlet. At that time, the foods are not that expensive.Now??? hmmm..Ok..tu citer lain..So, there was this tea time promos where u would get free coffee for every purchase of its cheesecake,of course..Seriously,u guys..mmg sedap..Sooo cheesy..macam aiskrim punye keras..Makan sket pon dah rase puas sgt2 and we shared it with 3 persons ok~ And the slice was like sooo big compared to the slice size nowadays..sigh~

Btw,enough with this my favourite-cake-story (ni la padah when I just can't stop writing,er,typing :p)

Actually, this post is to show u the cupcakes that we baked for our beloved adik who loves chocolate~ We tried on this recipe from The Big Book of Baking that Mom bought from a book fair-in a ship..a big ship ok..hehe..The book is really good. It has recipes on cakes,biscuits and breads together with some tips on baking. (o0o0oppss...menyimpang lagi..hehe :p)

So, Mom chose to bake Chocolate Molten Cake. The cake is kinda hard in texture and it has chocolate sauce in the inside but then ours were not that sauce-like coz Mom put on chocolate chips instead of chocolate bar (ssh nak potong ok~) but then we realised that maybe we should put more chips in it. So,mom decided to put some chocolate butter cream on the cakes.

Me :   Nape macam keras jek, xmacam buttercream pon..
Mak : Butter kurangla dah butter hbs..Icing sugar byk dari butter..
Me :   o0o0o...
Mak : Lagi pon,nak byk2 butter buat ape? lagi gemuk adela..
Me :   *dush

Btw, from the book, I learned how to make the icing mcm yg org dok jual online tu...xsusah pon rupe2nye..hehe..

So, our cakes does not fare well enough in the decoration department. Nampak mcm xsedap pon. But then, just don't judge the book by its cover ya..

The cupcakes-fresh from the oven
The cakes-zoom mode (somehow,i suke tgk ade crack kat cakes tu.hehe)

The cupcakes with icings on top
Hehehe. Yummylicious~ (is there such a word? :p )
See?? the not so chocolate sauce :p

 But then, the cake is rich in chocolate. Since I just love cakes, regardless of it is chocolate,since it's yummy, so, I just like it. Hehehe..

Btw, this few years, I mean, lately bkn baru sgt pon..I feel that I do like to bake..and cook too..hehehe

Well,anak mak la katekan :)

Lagi pon, call me old fashioned..pompuan still kene pndai masak..haha!!

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