Monday, March 26, 2012

The unspoken

Salam..It's been a while since the last post..

Well, I was quite bz n though I had some free times,the times were used for er, personal time?huhuhu

See, how to put this in words..

For the 1st times in months, I am very happy..
For the 1st times in months, I am blessed to be heard..
For the 1st times in months, I am finally able to smile for unknown reason
For the 1st times in months, I got to laugh bcoz of jokes that sometimes can be so silly..

The list goes on..but 1 thing for sure..I am happy..

But seriously, I am not sure how this feelings will continue to feel this way..I hope it will just stay put coz I'm done with all this emo-thingy..Seriously..

But then, life seriously cn be unfair..See, my life has never been so smooth..And I am so trying hard to be as positive as I can be..And maybe bcoz I had gone through so much that I felt,as long as I have tried and put my efforts into it,I just have to be 'redha'? I don't know..hmmm..Who am I to question the qada and qadar..

Maybe I am just tired to think about the possibilities or I am just enjoying the moment..

But, I am thankful that for some reasons, I am happy..

And so, to that 1 person, Thank u..I am happy :)