Sunday, September 18, 2011

The want-it-all me~

I must admit dat I really want a new fact da current 1 dat I'm using is a gift..I've been drooling for nameless models..hmm...tgk nokia mcm cntik..pastu kuar iPhone...pastu Blackberry...pastu Samsung Galaxy...arghhhh...n my bro jst bought a new lappy..n it's Asus..I like Asus..My 1st lappy is Asus...I like da design n da reputation...mmgla xfemes mcm Acer,Dell etc but then for da IT enthusiasts,many of them recommend Asus..When my Asus broke down (actually xrosak pape pon..jst prob xleh nk connect da power source jek...n no spare part for dat...), I hv to settle down wif a cheaper Acer since Asus is more expensive..N when my bro bought a new Asus,hmm...I was so green wif envy..hehe

N then I heard few months back from Mr Gadgetginger abt Kinect...teringin plak dh...haih..kalah ibu mengandung btol la...

Actually, I plan to buy 1 external HDD n save all my files n docs in it and format da lappy...but then no money...Seriously, I plan to do dis since last year..When I got da money, I hv to put da plan on hold coz of da car,loan and other expenses..n I hv dis habit of always checking n comparing da prices...n most of da times it will always end up to be like dis--> mahal la...lain kali la....(dgn nada suara kehampaan gitu)

Hmm...I've always hv dis thought...I'm so destined to learn accountancy bcoz of da thriftiness...hehe...hey,I'm not thrifty la..I'm just brjimat cermat cmtu...brtuah tau dpt bini cmni..wakakaka :p

Ok,dis is da plan after I get all da accrued salary later when I will be posted :

1. Pay da PTPTN loan ( I never fail to pay ok...except when no enough money...dont forget to pay  ur loan...krg mati elok jek xsmpat byr hutg...huhuhu)
2. Buy a new hp
3. Buy an external HDD n format da lappy (seyes mesti byk giler virus)

See?da hp is given more priority than da lappy...but then dat's only a plan...when da time comes,cnfirm xjd...surely,da thriftiness will kick in...hehe...

Apart from dis technology thingy...tringin nak perfume br la,new bajus,new lipstick (lipstick yg less than rm20 pon leh tringin ke? u r sooo ngegade,Juita),new handbag (I only hv 1 nw...kene ada spare cmtu),new shoes...haih...Guys,Im not trying to scare u off...Women r so vain...actually,there are 4 types of woman (dis is my personal opinion ya...jgn serang lak)

  1. Jenis yg tgk ape jek,sume nak.xde tgk2 harga.(showoff lady)
  2. Jenis tgk jek,last2 pape pon xbeli.Makan pon dekut (jenis kedekut tramat)
  3. Jenis makan dekut tp kalo bab nk mnunjuk no 1
  4. Jenis bijak brbelanja.Tau pentingkan yg mane dl.Kedekut brpada2

Im  no 4 kot?hehehehe...but then when da tamak-ness dtg,xdenye nk pk sume tu...I once bought a perfume when I had dis bonus...(okla..My 1st job n dat was my 1st expensive perfume..I still hv dat perfume..xhbs lg)

Ok wut?? da conclusion is, I really want a lot of things...but I know dat life is not easy n money is hard to get..I appreciate that Mom taught us to be considerate n live in moderation...u can spend but give priority to the important stuff...

My mom is the best..She is :)


  1. it's normal of wanting for me kalo ikutkan ati mmg nk bile pikir2 of using the same amount of money for any other necessary is better for me to stick on da monochorome-screen-phone that m having it now....uhuhuhhuh

  2. i thot u hv been given a new hp rite???i pon dh lupe abt dat fon..wut happen?haha...