Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Debt aka Hutang

Do u have debts??No??? Unless if u are a baby and those aged 18 and below la kot or u are just plain lucky...huhuh...

I'm called to write on this issue bcoz a friend of mine just asked regarding the conversion from 3% to 1% for PTPTN loan. She asked me what is my opinion on the conversion.

My opinion? Of course la SUKE!!!!!

The reason, er, reasons are :

1. The whole loan will be recalculated. So all the current amount due (which is inclusive of the 3% admin fee) will be void...
2. Since the debt will be lesser thus ----> cepat habis bayar la kan?? hehe

My friend said she was not keen with the method of payment where the payment will be deducted from our monthly salary coz the payment slip will not be that cantik if u want to apply for housing loan and lari budget since tiap2 bulan byr sket jek...

Hmm...ok,this is PURELY my personal opinion ya..jangan datang serang lak...but comments are welcomed ok..

For me, I'm happy. In fact I was dead worried why my application for the conversion was still not approved (tp dah approved dh skrg..hehe) coz u know why? I have 2 study loans (Diploma and Degree). If the interest rate stays at 3%,mmg jenuh nak byr..so I'm really happy with the conversion.

I like the deduction from the salary method coz I won't forget to pay the debt..If possible,kalo menang loteri ke hadiah tunai ke (btw,lottery is strictly wrong in Islam ya..Itu adalah perumpamaan semata2 :p ), memang macam nak bayar sume hutang balik...Though I never fail to pay the debt every month when I was working, for me,it's like a nuisance to go to the bank to pay and not forgetting the commissions u have to pay. Tolak gaji xyah bayar komisyen.hehe.If for every payment u have to pay RM1 regardless of how many u pay la kan, RM1 X 12 months?? isk,sket2 pon leh beli nasik tu...hohoho

For me, I prefer to settle my debt as soon as possible..But then,subject to our financial situation la kan..hehe..

In fact, in Islam, we are advised to settle our debt and if possible stay out of debt..coz if we die and we still have unsettled debts, our next of kin have to settle them..

And I remembered this one person said few years back while I was just a fresh graduate, ala,hutang PTPTN tu xkan habis bayar punye..baik byr rm50 cmtu je tiap2 bulan bg nmpk..

Hmm,personally, this is what I think---> Ko pndai hutang pastu ko xnak byr? dahtu yg ko gi hutang sape suh..kalo byr takat rm50 tu pon kdg2 x selalu byr,mmg la xkan hbs byr..dgn 3% reducing balance method tu..mmgla...hape la~~~

Seriously, this is the mentality of some person.. I don't know why..Youngsters nowadays always take things for granted ( i pon youngster gak okay~hehe) A lot of people aged 35 years old and below are being declared bankrupt coz of their inability to settle their debt ESPECIALLY credit card debt..hmm..ni 1 lagi prob hutang..

I don't know why but I'm not really a fan of this card. Well,of coz it has its pros too ie nak bayar barang harga ribu2 ke..(xkan nak bawak cash?igt dunia ni aman dari perompak dah ke skrg?psl duit ciput pon leh bunuh2..) Seriously,for me,if u can afford to pay using cash,then if possible,avoid having one..coz the temptation to overspend is there..yela..kalo xcukup duit---> xpe,credit card kan ade...nnt kte byrla blk..pastu tgk2 xcukup duit nak bayar..tangguh2 kene bayar lebih2 lg...xkire yearly fee and other fees yg korg xtau..huhuhu...then when u can't settle the debt after countless memos---> BANKRUPTCY

When u are declared as a bankrupt, hmm...enjoyla all the disadvantages...sume susah...lagi2 yg muda2 ni..segala loan xleh buat..nak mtk keje pon org pk byk kali..

U know, I don't care if people said I ni kedekut ke ape coz for me, I'm just planning my wealth. Nak ckp aku ni dekut xnak shopping ke ape ke,ikut aku la kan..Dahtu,kalo ssh,ko nak tolong bagi duit ke?

I remembered this 1 lady,when I was studying in IPG. Dengan suara punya kuat dan mmg niat nak memalukan la kan minah ni---> Ko ni,Juita..skali skala belanja la ktorg mkn. Nak naik keta ko punye ssh. Asyik kat maktab jek. Bwk la ktorg g jln2.

Kalo xikutkan hati dan cucukan syaitan,memang I bagi free jek but since I treat her as a FREN, I jwb lemah lembut jela ckp aku xde duit la..

Tapi dalam hati---> Apsal la aku yang kena blanje lak? Aku rase elaun aku same jek mcm ko. Aku xde bf tlg support mcm ko. Siap ade 2 laki nak tlg support. Ko igt aku xde hutang ke? Kete aku tu isi air ke nak bg gerak? Ko nak tolong bagi duit servis ke? Ko igt aku ni teksi nak bwk gi jalan2?? Banyak cantik???? Aku bwk kete pon psl praktikal la..ceyt...dah ko keje nak jalan2 jek,xyah dtg blaja,bwk kete sendiri,gi la jalan2 smpai puas..

Haih...sometimes,people like to say things without using their brain..pastu bsg2 xde duit la hape..

O0o0o0pppsss...dah jauh menyimpang lak..hehe

So,the conclusion is, try to be debt-free..and settle ur debt...Kte yg hutang,kte bayar...Tak baik kan,kte dah xde nnt,ditanye dalam kubur...dan susahkan waris2 kte...

Until then. nite nite :)

(p/s: do comment if there's any mistake ya..n on the cuppies post...later la..hehe...tgh mls nk upload gbr :p)


  1. berhutang mmg x digalakkan pn dalam Islam....correct me if m wrong....but Syah ever told me tis one.....dlm berhutang neh akan memberi dosa to both sides....berhutang dan memberi hutang yer....org yg utang tkt xleh byr utang ontime while yg memberi utang....sometimes x mintak dbyr balik but selalu bising2 kat blakang....uhuhuu

  2. true..so true..dat's why I did mention,if possible,be debt-free..but in reality,sgt ssh..like for me,i hv no choice but to apply for loan to study...n xkire lg org yg nk beli umah kete etc kan?dats why,slagi mampu,kte byr hutg kite..jgn nk buat xtau psl hutg kte..

    wut Syah said is true actually..dats why I dont really like to be the pemberi hutg bl ade org nk pnjam duit..unless its really unavoidable..like i said,plan ur wealth..financial planning la katekan..insya Allah xde prob hutg2 neh..hehehe :p