Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I read one article from The Sun one day..Actually Mom asked me to read it and it IS good..Somehow,the article really touch my heart..

It touched on ego and love..I'm just going to tell a bit on the article on my opinion on it..

Of ego..What do u think? Everyone has one. But according to this man, if u ask him what is the secret of its success, here's his reply---->Do u have EGO? If u do,throw it out to the window..Then u will succeed..The man is the Malaysia's richest man, Mr. Robert Kuok..

 What he meant was that HUMBLE is the key..

No matter how high our position is,we must never forget our roots. We must not look down on people. And he's right..what's in an ego?This is the mentality of people nowadays and believe it or not, EGO can kill u..Why can't we accept our fault or weaknesses when it's actually true that we are wrong and weak? Why can't we accept when people criticize us? Why can't we accept other people's idea? Why must we look down on people when we are in higher position? Why? Well, a lot of why there,isn't it?huhu..Well,tepuk dada tanya selera..

What's in a position that make u feel u are eligible to insult or look down on people? In fact in Islam, what matters is not your position but your deeds..amal jariah cukup ke? amal ibadat kte cukup? that what differs us from the others..God gives us success not for us to become a snob..Pastu bila Allah SWT tarik balik, baru nak mengeluh dan menyesal..hmm..lagi pun, even though u are the PRESIDENT,even a secretary, a clerk and even cleaner is a part of ur success..so frens..just don't look down on people..

Lagi pun, sometimes, when people criticize us,that means we still have our weaknesses..Why don't we take it positively and improve ourselves?

Back to the Mr-throw out-ur ego-to-the-window...what really touched my heart was this..Even though his mom passed away long time ago (He's 80++,mind u), he still miss his mom..It was his mom's advice that he holds dearly and that,for him,contributed to his success..

The writer also mentioned about this one businessman (he didn't mention his name,btw), If u still don't get ur mom's blessing,then ask for it..coz without it, u will never make it..Mom's blessing is the most important thing for ur success..

Even Tony Fernandes, the AirAsia big guy..He told a story on how his late mom would travel using MAS bcoz it was her favourite airline..and according to the writer,he felt,actually,Mr Fernandes felt his mom will be so happy to know that his son finally get to run the airline that his mom preferred..

A mom's love knows boundaries..I love my mom even though sometimes I feel she's the most annoying mom in the world..As a woman myself, I know what it feels like should I have my own children..Being a mother is the most precious gift..To have a kid in ur womb,to endure the pain of giving birth which is the battle of live and death,to feed,to educate,to grow a child..A mother is the most amazing person in the world..

A mother will never hate her children no matter how evil he is..A mother will always stand by her children no matter how poor her kids are..A mother will not think twice to save her children's life..

A mother never ask for anything in return except to see her kids are happy and healthy.

So,put aside ur ego..Even Nabi Muhammad SAW taught us to be humble..

And love our Mom..U know,my mom would call me everyday when I was not at home. And it would be more than once. And she still calls my brother when he's not at home. I used to hate it before,but I appreciate it later on bcoz I'm lucky that I can still hear her voice and bcoz I know she loves me. My fren told me once, she never called her mom..She only talked to her mom in like once in 3 days..And she regretted it later on when her mom passed away..

Though my frens would laugh and mock that Mom would call everyday, I didn't give a damn bcoz I know that I was lucky that my Mom called.

I know how it feels like..the pain of not being able to listen to the person that u miss so much..u can just remember and remember..and it IS painful..

So,appreciate people around us especially our family coz we never know when we will ever see or listen to their voice again..

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