Monday, December 19, 2011

A man full of ego-part 1

The title is called part 1 coz it seems that I don't have enough time to write longer than 10 sentences (ye ke??hehe)

Yes, everyone has ego but for someone,men,to be specific can be so egoistic to the fact that it just made them look like idiots.

Well, u don't need to do something just to prove something coz it just made u look more like an IDIOT where in fact,it was n is obviously ur fault.

U don't have to say nonsense by confidently said as if u really know what I'd been thinking coz seriously,dude..U r just being an egoistically idiot..

And the most IMPORTANT THING!!! --------------> find a DICTIONARY or if u CAN'T find one, just GOOGLE and search the word EGO!!! (coz seriously,dude,u don't understand a bit of it though u are 1)

So ntahapahapantah!!!

Karang ckp bodossss mrh lak krg tapi terserlah dek konon2 xnak ngaku kalah n xleh trime kenyataan n komen org,lg terserlah kebodossssaann  itew~well,tu bkn ego bak pemahaman org itew

So,what,ego ko tggi melangit?agak2 r mamat..aku pon xhingin laki yg xleh hormat pompuan ~

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The new post???hohoho

Salam has been a while since i updated this blog.I'm posted already by the ministry..It's a small and sleepy town..n its going to get tough to teach the pupils ya...OMG, tekanan wei jd sorang jek cikgu English neh..I was due to report for duty in like 2 days prior the result was out. N since Im yet to receive any salary yet,so no money to have the internet connection for myself..huhu..thus the rusted blog :p Well, though I'm homed during the weekend,I find it’s hard to resist the urge of laziness..laying around,watching tv..gosh,living without tv is so hard ya..I was like sooooo bored when I’m at home in Selama..rewinding all the animes..(nsb la ade,kalo x,keje men game jela..)

So now, in previous post I did mention abt list of items that I wish to buy when I get my salary. U know what? Dalam xde gaji utk berapa bulan ni la hp rosak (hrtu mmg dh ade tanda2 tp ketuk2 sket dier ok blk), handbag rosak etc..haih…

So I got myself a new fon..not really the type of fon that I want since the ones that I prefer are way beyond my budget (xde gaji means xde duit la kan,krg nk mkn ape???)
Okla…patah blk brand same since price wise it’s much cheaper wif the same kind of function like the expensive ones..(tp teringin gak nak pakai blackberry or htc…uwaaa….leh x kalo kawin krg nk mtk hntaran cmtu??fuh fuh…larik sume potensi bakal suami.Wakaka :p)

And handbag…yeah…actually I have 2..the one that Im using now was bought I think this year gak..around March I think..cantik n murah..ehem..RM20 je…tp Giamax’s so true that u cant buy items that are given discount too many or best buy yg murah thp gaban…tgk brand la kan..My aunt who is in this sales industry said that those kind of items dh nk expire dh..cpt rosak(she said..not me). I thot I cn survive till next year to buy a new one but the handbag spare ni lg nyawa2 ikan…dush!

And so when I went to buy a new handbag, I thot of buying a cheap one. But in the end, 3keping duit biru gak lps…huhu!!!! Coz dh beli,beli yg elok tros kan?haih…n that was an advice from my advisor aka my MOM!

Dalam xde duit,tetibe my mom showed me dis promotion for face facial…hmm…(b4 dis we chatted abt facial )

Mom asked me  :  Kak nak buat x?
Me                     : Mak buat la.
Mak                    : Xmau.kak buat sorg dahla..(smbil bgtau kat org tu )
Me                      : Ala,mak buat skali la…Akak byrkan…

But then, the result was not that good..Mom bought Kose’s skincare during the Jusco sales n though expensive,trserlah wei!!!!! Ni facial sket jek xde kesan pon…syg duit aku..huhu..

So, the conclusion is, Im soooo broke..haih…monthly bills can’t be stopped and my loan repayment is yet to be done..lame xbyr hutang ptptn tu..hmm…xpe,dpt gaji bayar ye,Juita ..

Psst…ade sape nk sponsor duit tiket wayang twilight x?? wakakaka :p