Saturday, September 24, 2011

What a day~

Hehehe...this post will be a hort one coz I'm freaking tired..Pagi2 dah kene kejut utk paksaan jogging n then went to Queensbay Mall since today is JCard Member's Sales..As always, tried on a handful of clothes but buy nothing..hehe :p

The other reason why I'm still tired bcoz yesterday my mum n I made some cupcakes. Tp biase2 jek..xleh lwn Mr Gadgetginger punye lg..but then,I prefer muffins to cuppies..ntah,dah suke muffin. Vanilla muffin wif raisins..fuyyooo...hohoho..I will post on the cuppies later coz I'm tired,my leg is aching and tomorrow we are going to visit my lil adik.hehe..lil ke?

When we are going to visit him, my mom will cook very early and will be the sous chef gitu..hehe..tukang bungkus ala2 kat kedai mamak lg tau~

So,tomorrow will be a bz day n tiring day coz I will be driving n surely I will be pengsan during the,laterla I post on the cuppies..kalo I rajin,I post la...hohoho...

Btw,have a nice weekend ya..Jangan overexcited lak...

Assalamualaikum :)

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