Thursday, September 22, 2011


Uncertainty..hmmm...sape suke? Of course,we don't know wut the future holds for us thus--->uncertainty..

Ni ape kes tetibe ckp psl uncertainty ni? Actually, I'm bored with this uncertainty from my future boss~~seriously u guys, gaji xde--->duit xde---->bank account makin xde---->nak beli brg xleh---->nak byr bil xleh------->len kali keje 3 bln xde gaji-------------->DAH TU CELAH MANE NAK HIDUP KRG NI?????

Seriously, I'm pissed..I don't mind the late posting but the least they could do is just tell the possible month. If next year,then ok la..leh ktorg carik keje dl...hmm..skrg dh rugi brp bulan punye gaji kalo awl2 dh keje...Now I have to find temporary job lak..Igt senang nak cari???Isk...Korg tau x, I was rejected by dis 1 popular 24 hrs convenient store coz it seems that I'm overqualified~ (hello???i xmtk jd manager pon..i nak keje part time jek~~)

So, now I have to make a gud use of my anger management skill now....pheww~~~

Till then, au revoir~

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