Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crab,cockles et al~~

I must be crazy to put da name of da post like dis..hehe...Dis morning, I went for a jog wif mom at the beach like usual (usual here means usual place ok..hehe..jog tu dh rarely dh skrg ni :p) While stretching up,we noticed these 2 ladies were looking n digging smthing near the shore...n mind u,btol2 surut punye air laut kali ni...cewah..mcm xpnh tgk kan..hehe..So off we went for da jog...then after 1 round (normally we did 3 rounds), da 2 ladies dh siap2 mcm nk blk n they put dis plastic bag near dis jogging path..

Mom asked wuts dat n da lady said, "Kerang..Byk.."

   Mak: Byk kerang?ssh nk cr ke?

   Lady 1 : Byk...Nak plastik?

   Mak : Kak,nak cr kerang x?

   Me   : Ikut mak la....tanye akak lak...

So we went to da shore..FYI, da beach is diff now cmpared to few yrs ago..they built dis barriers so dat ppl cant go to da sand...they put rocks coz of da hakisan thingy...huhuhu..So,its like we hv to cross da barriers to reach da sand..hehe..xdela barrier mane pon...i ok jek..nsb pakai kst sukan..ada grip sket ms naik turun batu besar tu..hehe..

Ok,jst few steps at the rocks tu,suddenly I heard something..Mak looked at me n I looked at her..then we looked down..A CRAB!!!!!!! Both of us were screaming ---> KETAM!!! I told mom to take it (coz she holds da plastic bag okay~~) n i grab a stick..okla..sbnrnye i tkt kene sepit dgn crab tu..hohoho..but then I noticed dat da crab actually wonder xlari..1 sepit dh da crab is our rezeki..hehe...

Then da hunt for da cockles continues...nk cr cmne ek??wif lotsa confidence---> "ala,mak..yg xbk tu mesti hidup" (true wut?)

Skali2 btol!! There was dis 1 Indon lady who was looking for cockles as well told us dat..hehe..n my 1st cockle was a big one...ohohoh...No need to dig at all...jst looking near da shores..tpt ade air sket2..its like a thrill like dis..hepi giler siot dpt cr kerang...lg2 dpt yg bsr..skali tgk byk gak la dpt..

Then when we went home,we put them in dis basin n mmg byk siot..hehe...I never look at big cockles all my life ok...jg mcm jakun jap.Then I made some bfast..n suddenly mom said...Kak!!!hdpla..kerang2 tgh bk tu..Off I ran to da kitchen...Felt like an idiot to be so happy to look at them..hahaha...

Da catch of da day ( fresh from da sea ok~)

Da crabs n cockles-zoom in mode

So, we decided to cook char kuay teow n steamed crab..but then no pics on da dishes coz I was so hungry n excited...hehe...

Mom said during full moon,there will be lotsa cockles n crabs will be super, month,nk cr lgla..Seriously,I live here for 20 yrs n i never did dis kind of activity...hehehe...

Mode: HAPPYYYYYYYYYY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~but dis morning jela..some ppl jst ruined patience was tested n I'm so trying hard to not blow it off...haih...Juita,ko xkaco org,org kaco ko..papela...


  1. hehehe.....congrats on the general post.....menarik....yup in all my life, i never had any experience digging out the cockles myself....besanyer cari kat pasar jer.....bout the emo thingy....lantaklah kat org yg cbuk2 pasal u to...dieorg mmg xde life jek nk kaco idup org kan....uhuhu

  2. menarik ke?i thot mcm sgt jakun like dis..hehe...tula...yg sibuk2 tu mmgla i appreciate jek but then kalo dh mcm over tu mmg hmpeh..huhu..