Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hello..Who are you??


By the power of magic, I managed to read some nasty comments and critics about me. (giler poyo ayt magic..hehe) Well, it's not that I don't accept criticism..but when it became 'fitnah' that one is totally intolerable..

Hmm.. Dalam hidup ni kan, tak pernah terfikir nak burukkan org lg2 yang pernah kita syg..So, when I knew that I was accused lots of things, I must say, I am sad..

Tak sangka kan, orang mengata dan memfitnah benda yg xbetul? Lagi2 bila kita xde peluang pun nak bela diri atau bgtau our side of the story..

Only me, him and Allah SWT know the truth..Tapi xpela..nak buat cmne kan..I forgive them.coz I'm hoping I can get my own happiness rather than holding grudge about them..

Well,that is not the story that I want to share..Tu baru mukadimah..hehe..Yeah,they are related but different a bit..

Okay..Siapakah kita nak judge org lain? nak nilai kita ni layak atau tidak? As for me, I'm so pissed if people question or say ----> cmnela dier leh jd cikgu dh perangai cmtu?

Excusez-moi~eyh..French lak tetibe..hehe..Excuse me, who are u to judge me? Are u in the same line as I am? Do u KNOW me? You ARE listening from the one side of story and that qualifies you to judge me what kind of teacher am I?

Call me anything but CAN you be a teacher? Out of many profession, I CHOSE to be a teacher bcoz of what?

You all must be thinking why I got pissed bcoz of this.. I AM..bcoz nobody will understand the joy n happiness that I feel of being one..

Ko nak kutuk aku xkesahla..nak fitnah ke hape..tu dosa ko..tapi to judge me?

Do you know how I cracked myself up just to make sure they can read? How happy I am to know that they can do it? How I laugh at them when they do something silly?

I'm teaching at a Tamil school..It is hard but I'm holding on. And I learned that no matter what colour they are, they are still children and I love them..The love of a TEACHER to her kids..u won't understand it..I might forget them or they might forget me..but the hopes that I have for them is limitless..

So, don't judge me..Well,org lain pun xyah la korg nak nilai..setiap pekerjaan ada kbaikan n keburukan..even tukg amik smpah pon sama..korg nak ke wat keje cmtu kalo dorg xde? xde kan?

So, who are we to judge people..xpela..janji niat kita betul..budak2 pon leh rasa kalo kita ikhlas..

I am a teacher..So what?


  1. nama pon manusia.. perangai macam2 la.. sabar je la..

  2. tula..kalo xsbr dh bom dh..hehe