Monday, February 13, 2012

The Perception

Salam and Happy Morning (since today is Monday blues to everyone including me! ) hehe

Hmm..Do u ever think what kind of perception of people towards us?

I do. I think people may think I am sombong and garang ( sbnrnye xla sombong pon kalo dh x?hoho..garang2 pon rsnye harap jerkah suara kuat je kot..huhu)

Well, I am an observer..I judge people from my observation..Sometimes, perception can be deceiving..Memang apa yang kita nampak tu tak betul pun..Kita rasa kita tau dan faham tp tak pun..

As for me, biarla orang cakap saya ni sombong asalkan saya mesra dan friendly to person that I care of..biarla orang cakap saya ni garang asalkan saya garang kerana still xsmpai ht gak..huhu...

People can have bad perceptions about me, but I don't really care..hah!!NMPK SGT MENIPU..Memangla amik kesah...Tapi xdela kesah smpai tahap fanatik..

I had an experience when people misunderstood my point during a conversation and it ended up by I got scolded up..And seriously, I don't think I am at fault..I am just voicing out my opinion in the humorous kind of way..Apsal yg tetibe nk mrh...Thus lead us to ego...What's in an ego that made u feel u should act like that? Even if I am wrong in replying or conforming to ur point, then do u have to cpt melatah?? I seriously DO understand ur point and I DO gave my point as what u were talking..It's just that u are looking (or understand) in a perspective on ur own..A point can be looked at many views...Even a picture can bring different meanings depending on the viewer..

It did sadden me..Bkn sedih apa..Sedih pasal sikap orang. Orang leh berubah atau jadi sseorg yg ntahla..

A bit of afternoon post..

I only care about the perception of people that I care ya...

So, I'm taking this in a positive way :)

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