Monday, January 30, 2012

A man full of ego part 2~

I AM an observer. I like to observe people and it is interesting to see how idiot a man or woman can be sometimes. Well,in a way,it is good to observe people and learn more about them since psychologically, we can't act 24/7..In a way,sometimes even body languages can mean something.

Now let's look..From a woman's point of view, I really can't understand men. In a way though I can understand,it can be very confusing coz they can change in a blink of eye..

But for me, is ego plays a big part in a man's life? For example, during the get-to-know-u-session..A man is interested with a woman. So,the  ice-breaking session begins..later,the man realised she's not his type..So,he just ignore her after all the constant msgs and calls...and sometimes it ends up abruptly.. For me,it's not wrong..But as a person, can't u be more compassionate a bit? U gave person some hopes and u left her without any explanation..And mind u,if the gal asks him,the guy might answer in a very demeaning way..

Talking about ego,yeah..It's NOT that women don't have ego..Everybody has.It's just the matter of how high your ego can get u. If people criticised u but u can't accept it.That's ego..If u can't accept other people's point of view,that's ego too..It is just the matter of acceptance.

From my observation as a woman to kids..Well,as a woman,it's natural to have the motherly instinct..With my job, I get to be surrounded by kids. And it's hard not to get pissed. But it's hard not to laugh and smile too.. I remembered trying hard not to laugh at them coz they mispronounced some words. I smile when a boy tried hard to tell me what he saw the other day..Isn't it great to be a mom? I think it's great..And I would be lying to say I don't want to be one coz I do. I want to be one real bad. But then, how am I going to be one without a man??hehehe

Life is interesting,isn't it? How we can be so idiot at times. A man can be a total idiot thinking that woman is not meant for him only to realise that she is the one..The same goes to the woman.

As for me, I made mistakes. And it hurts like hell. I'm trying to get rid of the ego but of course we can't.So I'm just trying to lessen it up. I used to be an introvert but now, I think Im being more extrovert in a way..Is age plays a big role?hmmm...Perhaps being an extrovert can cheer me up in a way but still it can't change this pessimist gal into an optimist person..hohoho..Well, it seems today's entry is not about a man's ego after all huh?hehe..

So,I am trying to be happy. I am trying to accept some facts. I am improving myself.

So what's in an ego?


  1. wow.. just like a person who wakes-up from her dream i think.. surprisingly.. from a very gentle-like mom, to a street protester's alike.. anyway.. nice word there.. i admit it was true.. hope i can take a lesson from it.. thanks..

  2. hehe...glad dat I manage to help u in a way,incik D :)