Thursday, February 9, 2012

I promote English okay~~


Hmmmm...haih....Now that's not a gud way to start rite?hehe...Well..I'm losing my mind here..Seriously,I am struggling..

I admit though my English is quite good (ecece..mcm ada unsur menunjuk di situ :p) but then to teach people to be good at it is different.. Especially in place or community where the importance of English is quite neglected.

I don't know. I'm not sure how to comment. I am blessed that my mom exposed English to my brother and I since little..I am blessed that I love to read since my parents made it a habit for us to do so. For me, family does bring an impact to a child's life..

However, some person whose parents are illiterate managed to succeed too. And I am sure,since the parents are illiterate, they are not the ones who teach their children at home rite?

Hmm, so in the end, it's up to our determination. How bad we want to succeed, how good we want to be.

(Rasa lapar la plak tgh taip2 neh...kan best kalo time ni ada bf dtg htr lunch ala2 citer hong kong tu? ;p)

Now, as a person who is involved in language-English particularly, maybe u want to try out this methods..Who knows it might help u..A small improvement is better than none..Hopefully it will help u all ya..

1. Start young : If possible during ur pregnancy..hehe..well, quite ridiculous rite? but hey, it is proven now that baby responds even while in the womb. (Sebab tu la, ibu mengandung disuruh banyak baca Al-Quran..) And continuous exposure to music will make the baby more alert...(tetibe rasa nak baby..kiki)

2. Early exposure : yeah..just like no. 1 u might think..but exposure is really important..Cartoons, series, books,magazines etc...( korang ingat tak, dulu2 macam tak ada sangat pon kartun2 dalam BM neh? sume stail English..adala sket..Keluang Man pon start 90-an cmtu..) Jadi, bila bdk2 neh dah biasa, jadi nak belajar pon sng tangkap.

3. Practise, practise and practise : Well, for me, miracle doesn't come overnight..No such fast or instant result. Nak kurus pon kena exercise nak bagi segala lemak2 tu cair..Ni kan lagi nak biasakan lidah tu yg dah berpuluh tahun ckp bhs ibunda kan?? U know, do u ever think why the banglas can speak BM? xkan dorg amik kelas BM kot?? So,for me, if u say, lidah punya pasal xleh nk wat,then, bullshit..Make it a habit to speak..Cer gi bank ckp english, cer gi supermarket ckp english..( this one is my advice to all students ya but of cos la not rojak punya English :p )

There are so many ways and being a new teacher, I am helpless and struggling to teach them. They are improving but mind u, it's really hard.

U know, while I am typing this post, I am wondering, rasa2 lain kali, untuk anak sendiri leh ke wat cmtu?

Leh jek :)

Btw, a bit of sesi menunjuk---> I can speak basic French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and fluent bahasa Melayu..n now I know a bit of Tamil, kalo nk mengata n kutuk2 tu,agak2 la sket ye ;p


  1. I came from a rural area.. Alhamdulillah, my english was not that bad too.. even i am a malay.. but my 1st language is not bahasa melayu.. i love english song, i think, by remembering the lyric & sing along since i was a kid.. it help me to be able to speak as what what i am today.