Friday, February 3, 2012

A False Hope

People like hope..

A patient hopes for recovery

A mother hopes the best for her children

A single woman hopes for a loving husband

A single man hopes for an understanding wife

And the list goes on..

But then, why people give false hopes?

Sometimes,even though it might sounds ridiculous, people still find it hard to resist the temptation of being hopeful..

Isn't it hard to tell the truth? People might say the truth will make things worse..but isn't it much worse if the truth comes out? Isn't it few hundred times more hurtful?

I don't know..Maybe sometimes lies might be good..

As a pessimist as always, I'm done hoping..Just trying to move on with the hopes of life can be much better.
Still hoping,huh? hehe..Well, u are not a human being if u never have hopes in ur life..

As for now, I'm trying to be happy n crazy as I can be..(not that kind of crazy ya) huhu..

And hopefully,there's a silver lining for everything. Insya Allah :)