Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The-not-so-strong Me

Salam and Happy Wednesday

Okay..I'm freaking out..Well, I never knew this would turn out so hard..Well, I was expecting it but I never expect it to be so damn hard.

I admit I am weak. I admit I am good but I am a total loser on how to teach them..

I was seriously confident I can change or even improve them but seriously, I think I am a failure...

Tetibe rasa sgt2 down..

Buat apa pon sume xelok..sume xjadi..

Bestnye kalo dapat gi vacation..xde masalah kerja..enjoy jek..tapi xnak la sorg2..sorg2 karang kena kidnap lak..bahaye~~hehehe...

Seriously, my dream vacation is going to a beach (I mean,seriously beautiful beach ala2 perhentian or sipadan), watching the sunset and sunrise..ecewah...len kali nk honeymoon sane la..hahaha..

Okay..I'm a bit close to insanity..(well,literally...bkn la insane btol2..huhu)

So,the conclusion is, I'm trying to be strong in what I do best. To be an EDUCATOR.. ( tp bl ajar bdk2 beh jd mcm ala2 mummy pon ade..adeh)

Well, c'est la what the french say..hmmm..