Sunday, December 6, 2009

School holiday..

School holiday..sigh~ it has been 3 weeks yet I feel like it just started..mau x,2 weeks kene p skolah buat keje org..mcm kerani pun ade..ape2 pun dh krg kene p skolah gak..ntahla..xnak pk cuti pun amat boring..

Now,Im trying to catch up with all my posts n then fb n then ntahla..Im still wondering abt where I will be working next year n I miss my students already..erm..But what to do..Just wish that I will get to be a perm teacher..

Lots of things happen..good n bad..but mostly bad..I finally get my own car which is cool but the bad thing is, a dog HIT my car n my car was not even a month old!!!yes, it HIT my car.not the other way round.I was on the way to school n suddenly a black dog came out of nowhere did a kamikaze by suddenly ran crossing the road.It was just like not even half of metre away from me!!I couldnt go to the left coz there was a motorcycle next to me..I couldnt just brake coz the car behind me was so close to my car's beautiful butt and hell yeah I couldnt go to the right coz the lights just turned green!!I braked n it hit..sorry,doggie.but MIRACULOUSLY the dog survived!!I had this scream like AAAAHHHH!!! n the cake that i brought to school for the class party fell down.When I reached school,I saw that the plate no was missing!!damn!! what a bad car,hit a black dog.Sometimes I have to be kind of pantang a bit la..

Then, abt my private life..ntahla..I give up..perhaps Im not good enough to be happy..just biarla..

A lot to be shared but krg jd berita besar,dats all for now..

Im uploading my pics to my fb..Im so this moment,I wish I have a bf..Tp dl ade pun mcm xde..but at least I was happy n sad..ok,dat was history already..haha!!

need some beauty sleep...bye

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