Saturday, December 12, 2009


ntahla..looking back on all my posts sume ckp psl misery,sadness..But I am sad..Im not good in pretending to be happy or be someone else..Ckp pun main ikut lps..tula,xreti nak hipokrit.pdn muka sndr.

Biarla kan ape nak jd pun..nangis cmne pun,sedih cmne pun,the reality is still there..biarla cmne pun ..

But I hate to be lied..I hate to be taken advantage..Am I too bad that I am deserved to be treated like a piece of trash??Nak luah,luah.pastu snyp..igt ht n perasaan leh buat main??Im not desperate ok??shame on u for treating me like that!!

Ntahla..Just let it be..I hope I can finally meet n find my own happiness..Everything happens for a reason..Perhaps ni blsn kot psl I myself broke the promise I made to my ex??Tp slh ke??Is it wrong for me to fight for my own happiness???

I dont know..I wish I have some answers..

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