Thursday, December 17, 2009


When a a people asks for forgiveness,we try to forgive him.It's a natural thing to do..sometimes ppl take things 4 granted.Do things without thinking abt the impact n consequences..N then sorry...End of story..

I dunno..My prob is I am so weak.Dats why people took advantage of me..I just hope I am strong enough to face the future..

I just hope the decision that I made yesterday was right..I hope I wont get hurt again..I know I'm not the unluckiest person in the world but I had gone through a lot of things in life..Not only me but my mom n my bro..Life is unfair sometimes..Dad passed away n life was hard..Mom is right..She suffered a lot..She didnt talk bad to ppl,she didnt do unkind things to ppl yet ppl did a lot of bad things to her n that include my so-called-family...All her life is dedicated to me n my bro..Yet she still got tested..I am sorry for her..I know she loves us dearly n she doesnt deserved to be treated like that..

I hope life will be much easier..I hope I can finally have a perm job( as a teacher,hopefully),settle down with the man that I love n thats it..hoping that at least my mom will be less worry abt me..I hope adik will get good result for his master..I am so proud of him..Only 23 and he is already doing his master.I hope his journey will be smooth..He is the most brilliant bro i ever have n yet he never had a good journey..I know he was dissapointed to never be able to study medicine..I know he was dissapointed coz he was never been offered any scholarship despite all the excellent results..

Life is an amazing journey..n I believe that life,mine particularly is no diff..its like a drama or a movie..n mine is so complex..I learn that kinship is nothing compared to money..N i thought b4 that dis only happens in drama..

Perhaps I should change dis blog's name.blk2 ckp psl bende yg same kan??But Im not a biarla..
Perhaps I should find some time to write abt other things..actually I do have smething in mind but mybe next time la..

So,yesterday I chose to forgive n I hope I will be happy..

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