Saturday, October 31, 2009

What a complicated life!!

I know my new blog is kinda boring since there is not a single picture except that big lily.I miss my old blog..I did try to upload some pic but I cant find enough time to do that!!!I am so damn tired.There are some teachers at school that just passed their works to me (they are just easy works,mind u!!) and in the end they get the credits and Im the one dat do all the hard works.kalo dpt jd permanent xpela gak...huhu..but I pray that all these sufferings will come to end..

Exam is around the corner..there are books to be marked and the school holiday is near..I mean,cptnye!!!! mcm baru je msuk keje bln 3 hr tu...but no matter how tiring the work is,how stressfull i am with all the workloads n the kids..I am happy..Im happy with this job..the satisfaction to see my students excel in term of the results, their confidence level..I mean,I am proud to see they do their presentation so well after they listened to my comments..Im happy to see my students antics..sometimes,when I am scolding them,they just make jokes as if they are trying to be innocents and sometimes they turned up funny and I try so hard to not laugh at them as I am supposed to be angry!!

I xknow whether I will be at the same school next year..I xthink I will be this happy if I work in an audit firm or at other place..damn..Im gonna miss them..

And Im still waiting for a good news.....I am confused..ntahla..I xwant to think abt it now..I am so tired n sleepy..I went to see my bro and my mom didnt want to take turn to drive my car..i woke up early yes,im tired..I know for sure that im going to be 'dead' when I lay down to my bed,snuggle with my bantal busuk..ahh...this is the real satisfaction...hehe..

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