Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Regret?? Yes.. Still hoping?? Yes.. Sigh~

Am I wasting my time?? I xknow..Sigh~

I just hope that God will answer my prayers.. I'm hoping as I always do..But I am scared that I will get hurt again n again..I xknow how much this heart can endure it..

Am I too easy to trust people?? Perhaps I am..

Am I too easy to forgive people??I am..but it's not wrong..

Am I too easy to be taken advantage of?? Perhaps I am..

Life is unfair sometimes n I hate it..It's not that I am questioning Qada' n Qadar..I just hope that life will be good or at least that this heart wont feel this throbbing pain..It just keep going on n on n on..

I thought after the breakup life will be good..but it's not..N I'm like an idiot waiting n hoping again n again..

Frens told me I am easy to be deceived..easy to trust people..I xknow what to do now..

Hope..I hate that word..

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