Monday, December 19, 2011

A man full of ego-part 1

The title is called part 1 coz it seems that I don't have enough time to write longer than 10 sentences (ye ke??hehe)

Yes, everyone has ego but for someone,men,to be specific can be so egoistic to the fact that it just made them look like idiots.

Well, u don't need to do something just to prove something coz it just made u look more like an IDIOT where in fact,it was n is obviously ur fault.

U don't have to say nonsense by confidently said as if u really know what I'd been thinking coz seriously,dude..U r just being an egoistically idiot..

And the most IMPORTANT THING!!! --------------> find a DICTIONARY or if u CAN'T find one, just GOOGLE and search the word EGO!!! (coz seriously,dude,u don't understand a bit of it though u are 1)

So ntahapahapantah!!!

Karang ckp bodossss mrh lak krg tapi terserlah dek konon2 xnak ngaku kalah n xleh trime kenyataan n komen org,lg terserlah kebodossssaann  itew~well,tu bkn ego bak pemahaman org itew

So,what,ego ko tggi melangit?agak2 r mamat..aku pon xhingin laki yg xleh hormat pompuan ~

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