Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The fuss~

I read some nasty comments about teachers on this one blog and one group in FB was one of the victim of condemnation coz well,the group's members are teachers.

I don't want to draw any negative remark on this post nor I want to offend anybody. This is seriously and purely a view from my perspective as a person and a teacher.

People always have this view and think that being a teacher is an easy job. Keje setengah hari..Ajar budak2 n semak buku jek. Cuti sekolah,cikgu pon cuti..Seriously, before I went into this profession,I had that perception too..But try to be one and u will know why..

Teachers don't work half day..A normal school hours,say 7.30-1.15..A teacher has to be in school before 7.20..A teacher must not go back exactly at 1.15..See,some school has its own policy..Some can only go back at 1.30..And please calculate how many hours a teacher works..Is it half day? Please define half day? How about co-curricular activities?

See, a teacher's job nowadays is not purely just for educating the students..Don't ask me if I know abt before bcoz I'm not that old to know how the system worked back then..A teacher nowadays has to do a lot of paperworks..Record,TOV,Headcounts etc..We have to prepare our Daily Lesson Plan before we can actually enter our class..We have to prepare our materials..

If u think teaching is an easy job like giving a lecture, u are wrong..We have to make sure 30 students or even more to understand..We have to discipline them at the same time. We have to make sure they enjoy the class..We have to deal with different kind of behaviour..And we are not given only 1 class..A teacher will be given,say,3 classes?? For 1 subject,lets say for English,there will be 5 periods altogether in a week..A teacher will be given not 1 subject to be taught..You must teach at least 2 subjects and most of the times u must teach more than 1 class...U do the math..

I don't want to stress on the curricular activities bcoz there are paperworks that we have to deal with..We just don't go and watch them play..And yes,we have to attend courses too..

And marking exam papers are never easy..It is tiring..And yes,we are given dateline. And if u are in charge of data,u have to prepare the graph, the percentage etc..

If u are on the management level,the Penolong Kanan,Guru Besar,Pengetua etc, ur working hours are longer..Imagine managing ur teachers and students and other staffs as well..

See, I never look down on other people's job coz I know every job has its own difficulties but I just think it is wrong for people to think a teacher's job is easy..People may argue that a teacher's salary is high but the job is easy..It's totally wrong..It comes with a lot of responsibilities..

A teacher also has annual leave. We are not on holiday even though it's school holiday..We must go to the school if the management ask us to. We cannot say no bcoz the school holiday is meant for the pupils..

Sometimes, we just don't have enough time to settle our works at school..We have to bring it home bcoz at school we are so bz with the teaching stuffs,the meetings and all..Btw,the meetings must not be done during school hours..It must be done b4 or after..

A teacher is a human being too..Sometimes,we have to do other people's work..The new or young teacher will always been given more works or assign to help other people's works..I know bcoz I went through that while I was a GSTT and when I was a trainee..

I would be lying if I say I never complained bcoz I'm just a normal human being who can feel tired,stress and angry at times. But that doesn't mean I'm not sincere in what I'm doing. I love my job. I really do.

I understand why some teachers feel angry and tell their dissatisfaction coz I know how hard it is..Of course there are some teachers who only just whine and feel they should not do this and that..I never say they are not exist..But most of us are sincere doing what we are doing. If u never have this passion, u can't be a teacher.Seriously.

I remembered when I was a trainee..I was assigned to go for a camping. Actually, I should not involve in this kind of activity bcoz I should be in charge of other society thus it was totally out of my jurisdiction. I could not say no bcoz it seemed I had no choice.( I only found out that trainee could not be involved outdoor activity bcoz of the college's regulation later on) I was so pissed. I had tons of assignments,worksheets and observations..I could not voice out my frustration. I had to travel a long way to the camping site and I was not entitled to claim anything coz I'm not a staff yet. My weekend just went on like that I went back with aching back and tired. And I was expected to teach like usual. I cried coz it was really tiring and it was stressful. At that time,I was so glad that I'm still single.

It's not a matter of help or sincere.It's just normal for a teacher to just whine sometimes.I don't know why people will condemn teachers when they are complaining about their workloads etc? I had seen lots of people voiced out their frustration abt their works,gossiping,lashed out at their boss,whining etc but people never seem to condemn their action..

I have full respect to other jobs as well but to have negative perception to the teaching profession? It's wrong. It's a hard work.It comes with a lot of responsibilities.

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