Sunday, February 6, 2011


People is intimidated by me..or to be more ar??as if Im going to slice them into pieces..Am i that 'sombong' that they are like afraid with me??sorry to say but Im not the gedik type nor am I the peramah type..
I may look unaproachable but once u know me,u'll be surprised how gedik I am.haha.Naah..Im just that boring type of gal kot.hoho

But then,I always listen ppl say that the ppl who is too peramah n gets along with u very fast,dat kind of person is well,u know,not that reliable and is hypocrite.Well,I had experienced dat.In fact,many times.N Im like the type dat can easily be taken advantage of and cpt kesian kan,so dats why kena byk kali.

My love life sucks.Hurt,sad,whatever..pathetic pun ada.Am not that desperate but then I do get lonely sometimes.I wont deny it coz it's true.N then,my heart has been broken like a lot n rasa mcm xde perasaan dh kot..I xknow why but men always broke my heart n they will make it as if Im the reason.I will argue but I'll admit if Im wrong..It was totally n clearly n obviously that they were wrong.They were the ones that had some issues n they were blaming me???I didnt try hard enough??bullshit!Curang dpn mata pun xnak ngaku..N im the one yg slh.

But then,eventhough it's tiring to be a teacher, n now that Im going to teach primary schoolchildren,I feel like I am blessed in a way..They are cute n innocent..N they can be as naughty as i dont know,monkey?? but then,they make me laugh n smile..I will scold them,nag them but they will keep calling me 'teacher~~' n smile..Sometimes my ex-students will msg me n say they miss me..N one of them said he remembered how I scolded him in class..and to think that I did make an impact in someone's life..I dont know how to describe dat feeling..I feel appreciated..Mybe dat is the satisfaction dat we get if we r really sincere..I am lazy.God knows how lazy I am..but when I say it,I mean it..I xwant them to make mistakes like I did.I want them to succeed.They xknow hows life out there..

To think that I am appreciated..its nice I must say..but to be appreciated by men??Mybe all my fault la kot..dats why.

Well,intimidated ke nk take advantage ke..buatla..I played my part n if u just want to toy around,what can I say?I will be swept off my feet again n again but then my heart will be broken n broken into pieces again.What a life..My life is interesting in a way.Lots of drama..Cerita kat kwn2 pun diorg pening.pusing2 smpai they said ur life mmg leh buat drama.hoho

Whateverla,Juita..Be strong~ I am consoling myself!!!! (sob sob~)

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