Sunday, February 6, 2011


If u already hv a gf,xever,ever try to give me hopes.Yes,u never said it but u were giving hopes.msg2,tepon2.Ke i sorg yg perasan???but then,bl tanye,xde~single,kwn biase.erm...last2 yg skt ht,merana tu sape???minah ni gak..huhu

Pnt la.dh smpai thp lelah dh.ada gf tp nape nk cr yg lain?will dat make any difference if u r with me??Still u can do the same in the future kan??Men are blessed.They can say the most cheesy line and the L word easily eventhough they never meant them.And ironically,eventhough women,they know,yet they will always be swept off their feet.

I dont want to know or even understand why. I just know that I dont want to be in dat situation.ckp jek tp kene gak brp kali.A lot la..Still, Im like hoping gak.Juita,just accept the truth.U r xmeant for serious rship.Men xtake u seriously.

They will play u n dump u.

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