Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year ~

This year CNY is clashed with the V day..I like CNY..maybe becoz i am half chinese so I am excited ~hehe.I like the gold cake.Mom will buy a lot during CNY and keep it so we can eat it if we feel like eating it.One of my fave kuih~hehe.thinking of it makes me feel hungry..nyum nyum~

As for V day.I never celebrate it even with my ex..I know ppl say that it's not good to celebrate it but i'm not into celebrating it.It's just that I think it's sweet to go for a date n just enjoy the moment..

Last year, at this time I was working n my ex who was in KL at that time came to Penang for work..I didnt know he was coming..n I was at school at that time..When I reached home,I saw a paperbag. So I asked mom, "What is that?". She said, "U la"

I was like..What??? Eventually,my ex dropped by n gave me a diamond earrings and a pendant..I wished he had waited for me..but that was the most romantic thing that he had done for me..Damn it..I feel like missing him..but past is past..rite??

I dont know what the future holds for me..I just hope I will be happy..I never regret abt things that I had done..those experiences are priceless..

So,happy CNY n V-day~

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