Monday, April 7, 2014

A New Phase

How time flies..

I didn't write for such a long time..

Have been busy with works etc..

Free times was filled with houseworks and sleep..hehe


5th April 2014 will be a date to remember since it was the day I got engaged :)

With a person I never thought will be my fiance..

With a person I never talked to though we were coursemates :)

I have always been heartbroken before.I was given false hopes. I was given sweet lies.

Somehow, out of the blue, we communicated in FB. Somehow,he was fun to chat with.Somehow, we were getting closer.

This guy whom I used to,well..see from far.. (well,i was not that friendly and he was kind of cute~hahaha)

He was memorable because he was riding this one bike and tall..and he was quiet~ I mean,he rarely spoke to the girls back then.

Getting to know him day by day makes me realise what kind of a man he is.The sensitive side of him.The funny side of him.The naughty side of him.

He shows me this kind of happiness that I have been yearning for such a long time.

He never proposed. (Though he once said he would do this one proposal video) ceyhhh~

When the 'merisik' ceremony was done and his mother put the ring into my finger, I was happy. I am still happy though.

It is a different feeling being a fiancee.

Though we are yet to marry, at least, we know,we are going into that direction.

I am happy.
I am blessed.

Dear My Fiance,Dzulkifli bin Alip..

Thank you.

I am getting forward towards our new life as husband and wife.


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